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4GD strives to guarantee your success on operations. As veterans, we know how important it is to be prepared for the next fight and how hard it is to predict it. We therefore provide you with technology that is versatile, immersive and allows you to train with all the modern assets available to the warfighter; giving you access to systems which are too dangerous, too difficult or too expensive to train with normally but are now everywhere on the battlefield. We call this the SmartFacility™: an instrumented, data focussed immersive physical/virtual training environment.

Unlock the full potential of combat simulation with the 4GD SmartFacility™. Our cutting-edge solution offers deployable and non-deployable options, delivering an immersive, adaptable and data focussed experience. With five optimised levels, each enhancing the previous one, our SmartFacilities™ provide incremental capability and realistic simulations. From small existing facilities to state-of-the-art smart villages, we offer ultimate flexibility to meet your exact needs.

Open architecture IntegratedRealities synthetic wrap enabling blended combined arms training. Enhancing complexity and pressure on commanders, while optimising the use of joint, international and law enforcement assets.

Human performance data through bleeding edge operator instrumentation and edge processing. Enabling real time operator monitoring.

Humanoid non-ballistic target capable of complex data capture, AI led behaviours and engagements.

Tablet controlled Facility control suite. Enabling usage monitoring, immersive special effects and zero occlusion top-down video capture.

SmartFacilities™ are a bespoke piece of architecture shaped around world leading training capabilities. SimWall is the foundational element of our digital offering and enables unrivalled scenario adaptability.