Project Overview

Colchester was 4GD’s first Level 2 SmartFacility delivery in the UK. Featuring a bespoke structure designed around the footprint of SimWall alongside a customised and intuitive 4GAV UI. Recently upgraded with Level 3 SimStriker targets the facility is our marquee facility in Europe.

Key project features

This SmartFacility included;

  1. 4GD’s first roll out of our patented top down, zero occlusion After Action Review (AAR) system. As seen below this allows unrivalled visibility of all training exercises.

  2. This facility installed moveable Light Switches and Door Sensors built into the SimWall® doors enabling hyper realistic event triggering.

  3. This delivery had an enhanced UI with multi regional audio effects allowing the facility to change between operational areas quickly.

  4. To enhance this immersion paneling was added to the exterior of the facility.

  5. To aid with the building of SimWall® a grid was added to the floor for ease of panel usage.

  6. Moveable MOE Doors, compatible with SimWall®, were placed into the facility for additional training benefit
  7. SimStriker humanoid robotic targetry able to placed anywhere in the facility and capable of manual or robotic reaction.

Days of training to date


Metres of SimWall delivered


Number of scenarios


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