Project Overview

The British Army Warfighting Experiment 2021 allowed 4GD to display the true potential of the SmartFacility. Namely the ability to bring into the facilities the more combined elements of urban combat (such as indirect fires, complex communications etc.) as well as bleeding edge human performance data capture.

Key project features

This experiment, conducted alongside our partners D3A, achieved the following;

  1. Proved a proper Live (Troops in a SmartFacility), Virtual (VR and MR assets) and Constructive (Assets driven purely by data) exercise over multiple dislocated facilities.
  2. The Ecfect_OS system captured performance data from one location and pushed the data securely to the second location, in the live.
  3. The addition of the virtual and constructive elements created a highly complex urban combined arms scenario in small shoot house.
  4. Proved the value of virtual direct fire assets (sniper simulator) firing in support of live troops (at the robotic SimStriker).
  5. Enabled multiple virtual combined arms assets (Drones, Attack Helicopter, Artillery, Mortars) to integrate into the urban close combat fight.
  6. All of the above utilised, and controlled, through in service situational awareness devices.
  7. Multiple communication channels creating highly challenging situations for the command chain.

Exercise area on 0.28Km2


Synthetic indirect fire assets


Number of scenarios in one day

15 Minutes

Time between each scenario