Project Overview

Albuquerque was 4GD’s maiden SmartFacility and was delivered in 2018. Adapted around a complex existing structure the facility enables on site urban and immersive mission training. To achieve this 4GAV blended audio, light, smoke and aroma to create a hyper realistic sense of immersion.

Key project features

This SmartFacility included;

  1. Cameras that facilitate blind spot free monitoring of operators throughout the facility. In addition, the live video is streamed to our dual tablet display which allows for clear and instinctive performance review.
  2. Additional PTZ cameras were placed around the exterior of the facility to enable insertion/extraction analysis.
  3. The audio was designed around layered effects allowing instructors to overlay multiple sound files at once.  
  4. The lighting blended dimmable visible lighting as well as Infra Red to enable enhanced night optics usage.
  5. The use of aroma and smoke, around specific mission scenarios, enabled a fourth sense to be attached enhancing the complexity of the scenario.
  6. All of the above is controlled around a tablet based bespoke user interface of passively through the use of passive sensors.
  7. The SimWall® panels were designed to further the sense of immersion through textured printing.
7892 Miles

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